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Monday, 2 January 2012

“I wish 2012 could be different…”

For those of you wishing 2012 could be a different year for you, think again.
2012 is going to be just the same as every year, with only 1 digit difference, unless you are different.
Yup: “...heard it before and easier said than…”, but taking a different road is the only chance you have of reaching a different destination. So, where to start?

  • 1.    Go get your head back. Feel like you’re stuck in a rut, don’t know how to move forward, feel like you’re going round in circles? Close. You are actually boxed in. Somewhere along the line you put your head in that box, just so you could contain it, and act like everybody else. If you want to have a different life you need to take your head out of the box, cut  the box up and put it out for recycling. Clearly, ‘thinking inside the box’ hasn’t worked for you.
  • 2.     Stop waiting, stand up and go to the front of the line, it is your turn…Life really isn't about standing in line anyway. It’s about doing what you got to do to get what you need to have. You need to stop waiting. Life doesn’t deliver the goods you want to your door. There’s no supermarket service, it’s not supposed to be ‘convenient’. It’s your turn, and if you don’t make a decisive move forward now, the next number will be called.
  • 3.     Give yourself permission slips. Whatever you have been holding yourself back from doing, or being (as long this does not involve harm to the multifaceted layers of other beings) write a memo to yourself officially authorizing that formerly denied course of action. Want to write that Blues song, or compose the poem in Cantonese for your best friend? Yes, but there is always going to be something else more deserving of your time- like the ironing, or paving the drive-way. What you really want to do somehow always has to wait, until…But ‘permission’ becomes real when put in writing- something about concretization of intent, or proof for later challenges. Whichever. You will not only feel permitted, you will now feel positively compelled to buy those yellow and green 5 inch heels, and wear them to your graduation dinner.
  • 4.   Stop hating. Stop wasting time killing your body from the inside out. Why flood your endocrine system with poison when what you really want is to detoxify your self/spirit, and be free. You need to stop hating all the other haters and leave them where you keep finding them. Put the burden of hate and anger down; laugh it out of your system; blow it out with the breeze; if you like orderliness, file the people or experiences away under ‘been there’, then hurry off to your next appointment with glee.
  • 5.   Be ostentatious with your aptitudinality, revel in your uniqueness, explore your predelictions and challenge your attitudinality…What I mean is: enjoy being who you are. Every day give yourself a treat. Indulge your mind, body or your spirit. Never lose sight of the miracle of your creation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but scientists say that it takes 5 billion chemical processes to make a human being, and yet no-one knows how life is given to the flesh. Remember that your life is precious, so celebrate it. Celebrate you.
  • 6.    Believe the hype, especially if it’s about you! Hold up and your head and strut yo stuff, because that’s why you got so much of it! Other people be strutting with less than half a what you got. Those people run the world and define and control you, because they believe their hype. Stop apologizing, stop bothering about the scene behind your back, and make sure your face is the one in focus. No apology.
  • 7.      Edit edit edit- Make the perfect movie of your life, cut out the crap. If you want to make a little DVD of amusing out-takes go ahead, but only if they really make you laugh. Otherwise bin it all.
2012 will be however you make it, so take it how you want, and never fake it.

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